City of Portage

Please vote Tuesday, April 4th, 2023. Your candidates are:

Alderperson District 1 Jami Hayes

Alderperson District 7 Karyn Wetzel or Ed Jr. LaVigne

Alderperson District 9 Christopher L Crawley

Although much interest has been generated, we believe the City of Portage will proceed to a referendum question to allow ATV/UTV traffic within city limits in next Spring's election (this will mean it will be summer 2023 or later before we get access). We need at least portions of the city in order for access to Caledonia Township roads once they have continued to move forward. Access to River Road to the northwest of Portage connecting to Sauk County is currently unavailable unless the City of Portage acts. Access to and from the Blackhawk area is also restricted without action from City of Portage.  Additionally, access on the northwest and northeast portions of the city will be necessary to connect County O route to Fort Winnebago township roads.

Please download and print the petition form available below and ask friends and neighbors in Portage to express their support by signing. Please mail completed forms to PO Box 39, Wyocena WI 53969 (even if just your signature).