ATV's and UTV's in Columbia County Wisconsin

We have an opportunity Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 to elect representatives who share our values and goals for the future. Please check out the page for your township to see who is running.

whole county rev d.pdf


We have compiled a map of county roads and town roads that are open to ATV/UTV Traffic. Keep in mind this is changing weekly as signs are added.

Townships shaded in pink/beige have NOT adopted ordinances and ONLY Lettered, County roads are open.

Townships shaded in green HAVE ordinances but signs are NOT YET INSTALLED on named, township roads. Please stay on open county roads until you see notification here.


While it isn't exactly what we were hoping for, it is a starting place.  We will continue to seek opening the excluded sections, but as of today, March 16, 2022, the Full County Board of Supervisors has approved and passed the ordinance to open most county roads.

Welcome to Columbia County Wisconsin where we are working to expand recreational opportunities by opening roads for use by ATV's and UTV's. The Columbia County ATV/UTV Enthusiasts club was formed as a grass-roots effort to encourage local municipalities in the process of opening township and county highways for expanded recreational use.

You will find much information located within this website to assist in contacting local officials to support our efforts; information on municipalities which have opened; maps of open roads; specifics regarding local ordinances; our supporting businesses; and how to join our group.